Sales Representation

  • Trade show/showroom support – Introduce your business to new clients, take orders on your behalf, explain your terms and conditions, etc.
  • Communications support with clients – Handle payments, oversee order status, coordinate collaborations, etc.
  • Delivery support – Keep customers informed on delivery schedules, manage cash on delivery system, etc.


  • Social media
    • Look into your current social media strategy and provide guidance to adapt it to your target market.
    • Or build a social media strategy from scratch adapted to local market and additionally implement or supervise implementation by your team(s).
  • ePR – Define which media outlets to target and develop tactics to boost your earned media.
  • Site audit – Perform an audit of your current online presence in order to define how to adapt it to the target market.
  • SEO – Ensure the compatibility of your online assets with local search practices.

Retail Strategy

  • Marketing and Public Relations – Define marketing and PR strategy adapted to local market while protecting your brand’s image and key strategic pillars.
  • Distribution – Place your products in key retail and/or online stores according to your brand image strategy and sales goals.

Retail Tours

  • Area tour – Physically show you your target market’s key and relevant areas.
  • Top stores – Introduce you key retail stores for you to better understand the local market and its retail trends and practices.